Writing Wrongs

May 25, 2005

Or maybe I should be committed. Today I ordered two tickets for . . . wait for it:

American Idols Live

I kid you not. Andrew wants to go. Bad. Heís a little sad that Randy, Simon, and Paula wonít be judging each number, but he already has a line on their judging techniques. Andrew on Simon: ďHe doesnít like anyone, does he, Mommy?Ē No, but I think heís pretty impressed with himself. Andrew on Paula: ďShe says Ďyesí to everyone.Ē Okay, thatís a gimme. Insert your own Paula Abdul joke here.

I never thought his first concert would be American Idols Live, but I canít exactly take him to Green Day, can I now.

We have seats on the main floor, so no doubt weíll be surrounded by swarms of pre-teen girls screaming for Anthony or Constantine. (Is it me? Constantine strikes me as creepy.) But then Jenn wrote the other day how she was crushing on Bo, and Iím thinking to myself. Hmm. Bo. I wonder how many moms are going to volunteer for chaperone duty just to see him. He has a nice stage presence. Thatís my story, anyway, and Iím sticking to it.

Of course, Andrew has a Fear Factor t-shirt as well. Iím telling you, weíre all about culture at the Tahmaseb household.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:53 p.m.