Writing Wrongs

June 14, 2005

The tree is still down, but we did get our power back, much to Andrewís disappointment, although Kyra was very happy to return to her Hello Kitty bed.

I discovered the culprit for that formatting glitch in my synopsis. I think while scrolling through the document, I inadvertently caught the bottom margin with the mouse, so it was off by .1 of an inch, enough to put 26 lines (gasp!) on each page. Fixed it. Mailed it. I havenít heard from the contest coordinator, so for now, Iím hoping for the best.

I have a writing friend who believes ďmore pain involved with a contestĒ = ďbetter the placement.Ē I donít know about that. Last year, I jumped through a bunch of hoops to enter a contest only to tank--bad. I think ďsend and forgetĒ is the best motto.

Iím taking an unusual class through the online writing site where I hang out. Itís call The Heroís Journey for Parents. Itís about, duh, being a parent. For those familiar with Chris Voglerís The Writer's Journey, the course is based on that. In fact, Chris is involved with the course and is putting together a book. As part of the class, weíre to write five heroís journey parenting pieces for possible inclusion in said book.

So Iíll be busy with that. Iím a big heroís journey junkie, and all that Joseph Campbell stuff. Iíll let you know how it goes and if it works with a 200% rowdy boy and a princess-in-training.

Iím also working on an entry for Romancing the Blog call for guest columnists. The upside to that is if they donít accept it, I can always post it here.

See? Thereís always an upside.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:23 a.m.