Writing Wrongs

June 15, 2005

Today, on the way to daycare, Andrew offered up some publishing advice:

Mommy, you just got to make friends with the publishers and send them lots of good ideas. Then they’ll publish your books.

Aha! Networking 101 from an almost-nine-year-old. It’s not what you know . . .

And then there was this:

Or maybe if they’re drunk and crazy . . .

This seems to be the more likely scenario in my case.

Then he and Kyra started their Darth Vader breathing. They’ve both mastered the little hitch between the breath in and the breath out. It’s a little unnerving to drive on the freeway with two mini Darths panting down your neck. Then Andrew implores his sister: “Rise, Kyra! Rise!” and I have to tell him to stop turning his sister to the dark side. This always makes him giggle.

Note: The transition from publishing to Darth Vader/dark side should not be construed as publishing = the dark side. Not in the least. I don’t believe that at all. Really.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:52 p.m.