Writing Wrongs

July 21, 2005

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. Iím happy to report my ears are spic and span, I have not one, but two prescriptions, and spent time with the very nice, very cute, very young Dr. S. Think Doogie Howser young.

But I can hear again and the pain is pretty much gone thanks to the antibiotics. And it wasnít just that I couldnít hear. It felt like I couldnít think on top of it. Sort of like your head is stuffed with cotton.

This morning, the first words from Kyraís mouth were: ďI ride my bike.Ē Itís bike rodeo week at preschool and itís been so eventful, I donít get my usual bouquet of clover flowers at the end of the day since Kyraís far too busy riding her tricycle during outside time.

But as we were leaving, she asked for her ďpony bike.Ē She doesnít have a pony bike and her trike was sitting at daycare. Refrains of ďpony bikeĒ accompanied us all the way to daycare, where, when I walked into the preschool room, I saw it, in all its glory.

The My Little Pony bike.

It belongs to one of the older girls in the room and is now the object of worship among all the little girls. Itís pink! It has streamers! It is, quite possibly, the best bike ever. Well, if youíre a three-year-old girl.

I think that I reported finishing the story for the parenting journey class. Iím supposed to write two more, but Iím not sure I have two more stories in me. Which is strange, considering how much I write about the kids in general. But . . . I donít know. Inspirational story after inspirational story is getting to me, the reading and the critiquing. Yesterday I found the perfect antidote for nonstop sentimentality.

Sex and the City.

Not sure what it was. Maybe all the swearing. Or maybe Carrie saying she appreciated a place where she could smoke and drink at two in the afternoon. Or maybe itís the fact Iím really not a chicken soup for the soul kind of girl.

In any case, Iím itching to get back to The Boysí Club. I think it was all that swearing.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:27 p.m.