Writing Wrongs

September 28, 2005

I swear, Word Painting has stolen all my brain cells. I didnít write the 250 for the past two days. I was wrestling with figurative language (But not literally, of course. Itís a figure of speech.) Uh, see what I mean? And is it a bad sign when the instructor mentions that the other students will be particularly busy with your assignment? Egad.

I think the other reason Iím lacking in the 250 department is I need to make a rather radical transition in the way Kit sees Mark. Up until this point, heís been all Captain Riley, all the time. Even I think of him that way now, so this is hard on both of us.

Iím not worried about reader confusion. I think itís pretty clear that Captain Riley has a first name--other than Captain--and that name happens to be Mark. What Iím looking for is the right moment for Kit to go through this change and how to describe it. I suppose I could do it bluntly with something like: At that moment, he went from being Captain Riley to Mark. Except. That sounds cheesy. At best.

So Iím pondering this. If anyone has seen this done in a novel, Iíd appreciate a heads up on the title. Did Elizabeth Bennet think of Mr. Darcy as anything other than Mr. Darcy? I mean, I can only think of him that way. And considering Fitzwilliam is his given name, itís probably just as well. (Oh, that broke my eighth-grade heart when I first read that. Fitzwilliam? Ugh.)

Whatís odd is Iíve grown accustomed to typing Captain Riley. Itís reached Mr. Darcy proportions, or nearly so, even though he started life as Mark. So Kit and I need to adjust our thinking. And soon.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:46 p.m.