Writing Wrongs

May 17, 2006

Itís a sad, sad thing, but I need to take better notes. Iím trying to decipher the scrawls I made on my manuscript and notepad for the revisions Iím doing. Of course, over time, my perfectly clear and concise notes take on the attributes of hieroglyphics and Iím left with no idea what I wrote or even a clue as to what I meant.

Itís taken some serious brain power, but here are a couple that Iíve managed to decode:

Finny gid tming me: BUHits

Translation: Funny guide thing here: Outfits.

This is a reference to the ďguideĒ Iím writing for the book thatís supposed to be funny in a roll-your-eyes, over-the-top kind of way. Itís ďwrittenĒ by the cheerleading coach and I think she had it published at CafePress or maybe Lulu.com. (Okay, since this is a fictional character writing a fictional guide this all sounds a little crazy.)

Panísteir Lizon

Translation: Paris Hilton.

This was a reference to cheerleading skirts and how short they are, as in ďNot even Britney Spears wants to show that much leg,Ē but since Brit is busy diluting the gene pool with K-fed (I know way too much about pop culture), I changed the reference to Paris ďthatís hotĒ Hilton.

Otherwise, revisions are going just swell. Except. Iím cutting when Iím meant to add. Even though Iíve added in ďFinny gid tmingĒ which takes up space due to special formatting, I havenít actually added additional pages. Yet. I still have a bunch of ideas I developed during the workbook process that should add to the manuscript.

Now, if youíll excuse me, I need to figure out what ďnotliter yovre unering" means.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:29 a.m.