Writing Wrongs

May 26, 2006

So last night was Football Fun Night for our school district’s football league. And we went, of course. I guess they canvassed the elementary schools because Andrew had an autograph card with signatures from the varsity players. He’s still at that age when this is a BIG thrill.

At least the fun night is being held in the stadium, on the Astroturf. Astroturf = fewer mosquitoes and zero mud. All I can say is: bonus. I write checks and fill out forms. When asked what grade her son is going into for the fall, the woman next to me answers, “My daughter is going into sixth.” Yay, girl power. Andrew gets a T-shirt. Kyra falls in love with the track that goes around the field and starts doing laps. Seriously.

Andrew joins the two-hand touch football “game” with the varsity boys and all the little elementary boys. No one can follow who’s winning and who isn’t, but it doesn’t really matter. The varsity boys are playing barefoot (note to self: you can use this detail in a YA at some point). Kyra runs some more laps.

Andrew makes an intercept and a totally awesome catch meant for one of the “big” boys. One of the varsity boys gives Andrew a compliment. I know nothing about these boys outside of this little pickup game. But they were really good with the small set. They didn’t look put upon or have any attitude about being there on a Thursday night. I imagine they probably had better things to do. But they made my son happy and proud and so I thank them for that.

Kyra continues doing laps. The game ends. Andrew and another boy work on kicking (there won’t be kicking in games until sixth grade, but you can never start too soon). Andrew kicks several 10 to maybe 20 yard field goals. Hey, when’s the last time you put the ball through the goalposts?

Kyra is still running laps.

It’s time to go. The kids are hot, but I have no money for Dairy Queen. I promise I’ll take them this weekend. Andrew retells the part about the varsity boy complimenting him about five times on the way home. Kyra is tired.

We admire the bunnies nibbling grass in our yard and walk inside. And when I tell them it’s time for bed, I don’t get much of an argument.

Seems hard to believe another football season is right around the corner, but I think we’re ready for it.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:21 p.m.