Writing Wrongs

June 25, 2006

The week in pictures:

It’s . . . pink. What else? And she has coordinating princess elbow and knee pads and helmet--which looks way too big.

Friday was make your own pizza night.

Yesterday, we went to the festival our town puts on every year. For the first time since we’ve been attending, there was no risk of serious heat injuries. On the downside, thunderstorms kept us away from the afternoon entertainment and all the inflatable “super jumps.” Andrew loves these (they even have an obstacle course “Titanic”) and was disappointed. But we still had fun at the “ice cream social” earlier in the day.

Kyra thinks she just might try this too. But when she did, the appearance of a spider cut short the photo op.

A very puzzling craft.

Kyra as the elegant lady.

I also worked up a collage for The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath:

You can see a larger version here.

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