Writing Wrongs

September 05, 2006

Andrew was awake at . . . letís check that clock. Five fifteen this morning. Someone was a little excited about the start of school. And a new daycare, since our old one pulled the rug out from under us and suddenly decided his school was no longer on their bus route. But we found a spot for him at the YMCA, and so far, it looks really good. When I dropped him off, they were headed down to the indoor gym to play. Heís such a high-energy kid that he needs this sort of physical activity.

I had to totally rearrange the swim lessons due to the football schedule. Then, they switched some practices on us, but I canít switch again, and Andrew will only miss a few lessons (versus both him and Kyra missing several due to games). One very cool thing: this year, they get to play a stadium game. You know, Friday night lights, only itís Thursday.

Iíve been meaning to thank my foodie friends for all their quick-meal suggestions. I wish I could report that the cooking fairy visited me while I slept and I can now magically whip up those scrumptious meals within minutes.

The sad fact is: I. Can. Not. However, I am lock and loaded with Manwiches (not just a sandwich, itís a meal), and hot dogs (not just a hot dog, but beef byproducts and filler, yum--man, I love hot dogs, and bacon. I really love bacon. No lecture, please.).

Yesterday while shopping, I pulled a bag of meatballs from the freezer section and asked, ďYou guys like meatballs?Ē I got a resounding yes and started a chant of ďMeatballs, meatballs, meatballs,Ē for the next five minutes. We have apples and tuna (Chicken of the Sea, of course, because the can features a mermaid), and a few items I donít remember authorizing. So itís all good.

And Kyra helped bag the groceries this time (Andrew always helps). Maybe because it was Labor Day and people werenít so rushed, everyone around us thought it was cute. It was pretty cute, except we almost left one bag behind.

My head is buzzing with all this back-to-school buzz: football and homework, and this year, laptops! Kyra moved up to pre-kindergarten today. I think that sometime soon, weíll have to take a break and take a breath. Enjoy the changing of the leaves, hit our local DQ before they shut down for the winter, get in a few more walks, and just be.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 7:45 a.m.