Writing Wrongs

October 01, 2006

So while all my foodie friends are off creating meals of wonder, grinding their own flour, and baking muffins and rolls from scratch, I have, much to my delight, found Eagle Brand Kits.

Have you seen these things in the stores? Oh. My. God. First, Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk is the elixir of the gods. While I was searching the web, I came across someone admitting they could spoon it from the can and eat it. Couldnít we all.

My dad used to make a dessert he simply called Eagle Brand. Itís where you boil a can of Eagle Brand on a low boil for a couple of hours until it turns into caramel. Then you slice it into circles and serve with a ring of pineapple. So good. But I think itís also dangerous, since if you do it wrong, the can will explode. No guts, no glory, so to speak.

So today I made Magic Cookie Bars, which are so totally from scratch, because I had to melt the butter myself and combine all the ingredients. Sure, they were in little packets, but thatís the same as if I bought big packets myself and measured it out. Mostly.

They werenít even cool before Bob cut into them. Weíve been eating Magic Cookie Globs for most of the evening. Iím not sure theyíre will be any left by morning. Plus, theyíll be here with Bob all day tomorrow. Alone. I better eat some for breakfast.

Hey, Iíll exercise first. And they contain dairy (the sweetened condensed milk) and fruit (coconut flakes). What more could you want?

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 8:04 p.m.