Writing Wrongs

October 30, 2006

You would not believe what Iím trying to do today. Iím trying to get three measly tickets to this:

The local childrenís theater company is producing it, so itís not like it has the Disney stars in it. I have their number on redial and try every two minutes or so. (Honestly? I suspect they simply took the phones off the hook)

I tried to buy online. I think the rush was the equivalent of a denial of service attack. Within an hour, they added another monthís worth of shows. Right before the ticket server went down.


Just this morning, Radio Disney was playing (itís on heavy rotation) Baby Come Back to Me, by Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Andrew sighed and said, ďI think this is what Vanessa sings to Zak.Ē

My son, the closet romantic. And at the moment, I really canít go into the details of who Zak and Vanessa are. If you have to ask, you probably donít want to know.

Besides, I got to go hit redial again. Wish me luck.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:58 p.m.