Writing Wrongs

April 08, 2007

Oh, the Easter Bunny.

She is lame.

How lame, you ask? Well, initially, she thought last Sunday was Easter. Something she didn’t realize until the Saturday before. A good thing, since she’d only completed part of the Easter shopping.

Then, she had the marvelous plan of getting up early to hide the eggs and make the baskets, because the kids? They always sleep in. They even sleep in on Christmas morning.

This morning? Not so much. The Easter Bunny barely swallowed down a cup of coffee before she heard rumblings from the back bedrooms. Oops.

Kyra fell back asleep quickly. Andrew was a good sport and hung out in his room. The Easter Bunny hurried.

In the end, the baskets were made, eggs hidden, and the Easter Bunny even got a few moments of quiet time with another cup of coffee.

So now, we’re listening to Kyra’s Hannah Montana CD. (Hannah, by the way, is actually Miley Cyrus, who is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus--of Achy Breaky Heart fame--although apparently, her parents saddled her with the given name of Destiny Hope. Confused yet? I’m sure she is too.)

Andrew’s CD is up next. He wanted The Jonas Brothers, but seriously, the Easter Bunny couldn’t find it for love or money. So, the backup Jesse McCartney had to suffice. He owns two rats, Jesse, not Andrew. There are probably other interesting things about Jesse McCartney, but the Easter Bunny figures those without Radio Disney devotees really don’t care.

Here’s hoping your Easter is as pop-princess/prince filled as ours is.

Or not.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:26 a.m.