Writing Wrongs

April 13, 2007

So last night, I get a rejection on a query + five pages I sent out last October (yes, weíre talking nearly six months here). Itís a form letter, but with a fairly long handwritten note from the agent.

First, the agent does apologize for taking so long in responding. Said agent goes on to praise my writing voice. This, after I have convinced myself that my voice, at least on this particular project, sucks pond scum, but the premise is good. But the premise, for this agent, is meh--he/she/it is so not feeling the love.

And because Iím a horoscope junkie, I decide to check my MSN horoscope for the day. I get this:

Ingenuity blossoms as you make the effort to do a little writing, dear Cancer, perhaps technical manuals or other professionally oriented projects. This could represent a new stage in your professional life, as you're likely to do well and attract considerable attention from those in high places.

The only downside: don't get too caught up in the need to revise, edit, then revise and edit again. It'll only take up more time, and it's possible to over-rewrite!

I adore how Iím always ďDear, Cancer.Ē Makes me feel loved. Ironically, (ha, ha, ha) this is true. Ingenuity did strike today while I was working on a manual. Iím actually trying to rework some instructions that are best described as technical writing stream-of-consciousness.

Imagine if Jack Kerouac wrote software installation instructions, then you ran what he wrote through Babel Fish a couple of times. This is what Iím working with today.

Okay, I exaggerate. A little.

Ingenuity struck in the form of Google. Iím still waiting on that new stage in my professional life. Can I assume this means something more than standing next to some senior VP while we wait in line at Starbucks for optimism in a cup?

Speaking of which Ö that sounds really good. I think thereís some rule that rejection = extra whipped cream.

In fact, Iím sure of it. Iím off to attract attention from those in high places or at least get a grande Dulce de Leche latte with extra whip.

Which might be the better deal of the two.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:39 p.m.