Writing Wrongs

April 18, 2007

Spring fever, in all its forms, has hit us. Last night, I essentially collapsed. I told Andrew that he could make dinner. He found this exciting and planned bowls of soup for everyone (microwaving bowls of soup is his specialty).

Alas, we went with pizza delivery instead. I feel better today, but I may be swallowing down Motrin along with lunch.

Monday, we had the district-wide orchestra concert, everyone from fifth grade through high school. It was nice, but veeery long, considering 1) we had to get Andrew there about an hour early, and 2) it was in the gym and we sat on the bleachers. Still, amazingly, it was the girls, not the boys who were causing all the mischief while the older grades were playing.

The two girls behind Andrew were leaning forward, poking him in the back with their violin bows, passing him notes. (All of which he ignored. He didnít even pick up the notes after the concert.) One of the grade school orchestra teachers threaded through the group and eventually sat down in the middle of the worst offenders. This, however, did not stop all mischief.

In writing news: I appreciate the kind words about the rejection, but seriously? It. Was. Funny. Ironic. A veritable laugh out loud moment. Iím not the least bit upset about it. I did, however, receive my Golden Heart scores for Geek Girlís Guide, which also provided more laugh out loud moments. They went a little something like this (on a scale of 1- 9, 9 being the best):

I ended up in the top quarter, which isnít too shabby. The only thing higher than the top quarter is the finalist list, so Ö

But with the RWA conference hotel already sold out and bunches of other stuff, Iím not crying in my chai tea latte over this, either. Itís far easier not to go to the RWA National conference this year.

Iím closing in on the end of Part I of The Boys Club. I still love it, despite the fact itís 1) pretentiously long, 2) divided into parts, and 3) completely unmarketable.

But tonight, Iím not going to worry about that. The weather is perfect, the park, dry. The kids will play; I will read. Spring fever will reign.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:07 a.m.