Writing Wrongs

April 30, 2007

So, my headline obsession is alive and well. Hot on Hotmail! (actually, I think itís now Hot on MSN!) is at it again. For instance, I clicked on: Try 80s music trivia and I got Prozac approved for misbehaving mutts. This is your dog. This is your dog on Prozac. Nice.

Likewise, I tried Pork chop pizzazz because if anybodyís pork chops need pizzazz, itís mine. I got: Astrology . Hmmm. Maybe the stars are telling me I need to cook more pork chops.

Then thereís TVís Biggest Flops (like I couldnít figure those out for myself). Clicking through, I arrived at Accidental Careers. I find this appropriate, somehow.

~ * ~

A Tale of Two Bís

The Marvelous Miss B (aka Kyra) has developed a bee-phobia now that spring is upon us. This is the girl who used to pick up ants with her bare fingers and show them to her brother (to freak him out, of course).

She likes butterflies because they ďkissĒ you. She likes dragonflies because they eat mosquitoes. Anything that potentially bites or sting? They invade her nightmares.

Last night--or really, three this morning--I heard her cry out louder than she ever has before: ďMommy! Mommy!Ē She came charging down the hall. ďI saw a bee! I saw a beeeeeee!Ē

I canít really get upset. Iím reading Devilish right now. While it isnít scary, I keep having demonic dreams. So, I imagine that when youíre four, bees are really, really scary.

She crawled into bed next to me, but didnít fall asleep right away. I was wide awake at that point. Iíd peek at her from time to time. With the nearly full moon lighting the room, I could see her dark eyes scan the area. At last she said, ďI see three butterflies on the ceiling.Ē Then, she fell asleep.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:44 a.m.