Writing Wrongs

February 01, 2007

Booking Through Thursday

  1. What are your reading habits? Do you tend to read at specific times during the day, or does it vary from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute?

I tend to read in the evenings (unless you count audio books during the commute), because that’s really the only time I have. Sometimes, I’ll take a lazy Saturday or Sunday when either I’ve finished writing for the day or writing = not happening and curl up with a book.

In other book news, in what must be a sign of the apocalypse, Andrew wants to read a book in the Dear Dumb Diary series--a girl book. I know. Apparently, the girl who sits next to him is reading the one about haunted pants (truly, I have no idea, otherwise, I’d elaborate). This particular girl is also the one who pokes and flicks Andrew with her finger at regular intervals.

This morphed into a conversation about (space) aliens and girls (trust me, it’s just the way it works with ten-year-old boys). Andrew would like an alien as a best friend, but he wouldn’t want to marry one. “What if alien girls are a lot less annoying than human girls?” I asked.

Not even then, he assured me. “When they’re annoying,” he said, “that’s how you can tell they like you.”
“Oh, is that how?” I asked.
With the assurance of someone who gets poked and flicked on a regular basis, he said, “Yep.”

The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath
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