Writing Wrongs

July 19, 2004

I did it. Yesterday, I woke up with this strange urge to print partials and do up submissions. Hey, you gotta take these things as they come.

And the printer upstairs makes a huge difference. So I did up one extra straight query and five partials. That gives me twelve submissions out there for Cold Comfort. Thereís an author on the Short Mystery Fiction Society email list who swears by the Rule of Twelve: always have twelve articles/stories/whatever ďout thereĒ in circulation.

Of course the mail hasnít been delivered yet, so who knows how many submissions Iíll have in circulation this afternoon.

I have that giddy feeling in my stomach. Thereís nothing I can do about what I just sent. Heck, it wonít even reach New York until Wednesday or Thursday. Fretting over it does no good. And yet, I do.

Iím also stewing because Iím waiting on the vehicle inspection guy. Like that makes him show up any faster. Why canít I edit while I wait? I donít know, but it seems physically impossible.

We celebrated Andrewís birthday yesterday. We discovered late that we had no birthday wrapping paper, so Bob wrapped Andrewís presents with inside out Christmas paper, and then wrote a mock label for each box: wood chips, box of worms, Barbie shoes, rocks and dirt. Andrew thought it was very funny. Most memorable quote: I just love the smell of new Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Writing Progress: Well, that whole deal with the partials, of course. I still have my synopsis in first person. Time will tell if this is submission suicide or not. As soon as the car inspection guy leaves, Iíll try to edit the next few chapters of Cold Comfort. I also worked up what might be a scene for my next YA.

What Iím reading: Still hanging in there with Ella Enchanted and The Shipping News. Also added The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. A friend recently finished it and that reminded me I wanted to read it before I revised Accidental Cheerleader.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:07 p.m.