Writing Wrongs

October 29, 2005

Itís been floating around again, that game where you stick your name plus ďneedsĒ in a search engine and post the resulting laugh riot for all to see. Except . . . my first name plus ďneedsĒ yields fairly boring results. No laugh riot, thatís for sure.

Thanks to Esri/Kiki (And she has the same issue I do, a first name that doesnít lend itself to this.), I found new verbs! Hooray for verbs. Letís see what we can cook up with:

Charity hates fooling Miguel by flirting and dancing with other men

Itís true. I do, but Iím still shallow that way.

Charity hates to see anyone sin

I just want to hear about it, not see it.

Charity hates seeing everyone so upset, and she thinks it is all her fault.

This is true, too.

Charity hates them. They freak her out. She hates my bear head in the back of my car.

Well, you know, the bear head is just too much. Stick with bobble heads.

Charity loves to compete in bikini contests all around the US

Oh, I so do not. Whatís disturbing to me is thereís a Charity out there who does.

Aunt Charity loves company and is delighted when any one comes to visit her, as she spends the day alone

I have no friends and my mother dresses me funny.

Charity loves horses and is raising a possibly Kentucky Derby contender.

Go here to see how I really feel about horses.

Oh, yeah. This was a laugh riot.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 8:41 a.m.