Writing Wrongs

December 03, 2006

I know, I know, Iíve been remiss. And here I thought I didnít have anything to say when I was editing. I have less to say when Iím doing story workups. So far this week, weíre looking at about 4,000 words. I finished up one profile and started on the second.

I may have used up those extra blogging words by helping Andrew with his monthly book report. This month was historical fiction and the kids had to write a journal entry, as the character, for each chapter. I realized that once he was done, he had essentially written a synopsis. Iím telling you, by the time heís done with fifth grade, heíll know how to write a novel, the query letter, and a synopsis.

In case you donít see it over there, I offer up this ďessayĒ link that I stole from Anno.

Historian Anders Henriksson, a five-year veteran of the university classroom, has faithfully recorded, from papers submitted by freshmen at McMaster University and the university of Alberta, his students' more striking insights into European history from the Middle Ages to the present.

I pulled the references to Russian history, but itís all very funny.

In Russia the 17th century was known as the time of the bounding of the serfs. Russian nobles wore clothes only to humour Peter the Great. Peter filled his government with accidental people and built a new capital near the European boarder. Orthodox priests became government antennae.

I donít remember the part about all the Russian nobles wanting to be naked, but if you say so.

In 1937 Lenin revolted Russia. Communism raged among the peasants, and the civil war ďteam coloursĒ were red and white.

The part about team colors cracks me up.

And this past week, on Friday, Marianne saw the release of her first short story for download sale. This is a little bit different, I think, than selling something to a magazine. Thereís still the same editorial oversight, but with a magazine, readers can choose to read--or not read--your story. Here, the choice is explicit. If youíre fond of a good ďkiss storyĒ as Andrew would term it, check out the download page at The Wild Rose Press. (Confidential to M: I had to scroll all the way to the last page to make sure no one messed with your killer ending. Still one of my favorites. Big congrats!)

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