Writing Wrongs

December 21, 2006

Todayís Radio Disney earworm: If We Were a Movie by Hannah Montana

Auction update: My gift basket went for $90.00 (or was it $95.00? Gah! I canít remember), and we raised $2,600 for Second Harvest Heartland.

The other day, I was thumbing my nose at the universe. It was, if you recall, obligated to give me a sign. I remember responding with a rather sarcastic toss me a bone, already.

Letís review what has happened since then:

An editor emailed me about a creative nonfiction piece I submitted. She wanted to okay a few edits with me before sending it up to the senior editors for review. Not an acceptance, but itís still in the race.

The synopsis for Geek Girlís Guide (just the synopsis, mind you) placed first in the ByLine Magazine synopsis contest. Iíll try not to spend those forty bucks all in one place. Seriously, Iíve been trying for years to snag the top slot. Lots of honorable mentions, and once I got third for a character sketch, but that first place was elusive.

The Geek Girlís Guide to Cheerleading is a finalist in The Duel on the Delta contest in the YA category. I have a history with this contest. It was my very, very first writing contest. And I always tank. Always. No exception.

Well, except for the obvious. The first year I entered, I didnít just get a low score from a judge, she called not only my hero, but me and my story immoral. It was my first run in with one of the self-appointed RWA morality police, and boy was I confused. I have since learned to ignore these people. (But for the record, I had split scores: one relatively high and one low, and my entry went to a discrepancy judge, who scored it fairly high.)

The second time I entered, it was partly my fault. I mistook the ďmainstreamĒ category for mainstream with romantic elements. When I got my packet back and saw the score sheet, it was clearly slanted for ďromance not aimed at Harlequin category romance.Ē And yes, India Charlie tanked hard. In retrospect, I wished I had known. There were no score sheets or even a category description on the site before I entered, so I didnít have a clue.

So, I was a little leery about entering a third time, but figured at least I couldnít screw up the category.

Anyway, I feel a little strange now, after this three-in-a-row whammy. Ever play with a Ouija board and freak when it moved? Or stand in a quiet house and say, ďIf there is a God, give me a sign?Ē Then a picture frame falls from the wall and crashes on the floor?

Itís kind of like that.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:50 a.m.