Writing Wrongs

January 13, 2007

So, today Kyra had her first ballet/tap lesson. If there is anything cuter than four and five years olds “doing” ballet, then I don’t know what it is. I will post pictures at some point. “Miss Eileen” still has me a little bit intimidated, so I wasn’t sure if picture taking was something I should do.

Seriously, I think I hit upon a good studio. We’ve been all about the football and not about ballet, so for a while, I was casting about. I tried for lessons through a local dance company, but I couldn’t figure out how to register for the class. And this was after multiple phone calls and trips to the web site(s). Really, if you’re going to make it difficult, why should I register? Plus, it was only “creative movement” and not actual ballet/tap.

I found a good review for Miss Eileen’s studio on Yahoo. Then I called to request a brochure and liked Miss Eileen’s voice, which I admit isn’t a lot to go on. But she sounded friendly.

And she is. You’ve never met a friendlier person. She turned on the colored lights when the girls danced to their “rock and roll” warm up (and really, who doesn’t want to dance under colored lights). But don’t let that deceive you. Miss Eileen has what the military refers to as “command presence.” See the part above where I’m still intimidated. No one is screwing around in Miss Eileen’s class.

But she’s very aware of what little hips and knees should not be doing at this age. She did correct form on one of their stretches, but as she did so, she said to the girls, “A teacher should never, ever push you.”

Yay for Miss Eileen. Kyra was a little shy at first, but it probably goes without saying that she had a blast. I was going to say that the only drawback is the class is Saturday mornings. But, before we left, I managed to exercise, shower, and write. Ha. I write more before nine a.m. than most people write all day.

Well, sometimes.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:09 p.m.