Writing Wrongs

February 11, 2007

So, Iím blogging today at the Wet Noodle Posse, a pretty silly entry actually. I was going to post it here, then thought, duh, why not save it for WNP, that way I donít have to use more brainpower than absolutely necessary.

In other Sunday news:

The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath
58,065 / 58,065 (100%)

I came in ~ 2,000 words shy of the estimated 60,000 I thought Iíd need. Iíd say thatís pretty good guestimating on my part.

I checked my files. I got the notion for MacKennaís story near the end of April last year. So, itís not like I pulled the first draft out of thin air (or somewhere else entirely). It was time to finally sit down and let it all out. I did about 25,000 words of pre-work before I started the main portion of the draft.

Iíll never NOT do that again (nice double negative). I always knew where I was going. I never got stuck. I never ďhatedĒ my story. I was still surprised and amazed by things that happened. Some days, it was harder to write than others.

Amazingly, instead of burning out toward the end, I found more energy and excitement. I got to the point where the whole personal hygiene thing was option if neglecting it bought me a few more minutes to write.

And speaking of the ending. For those whoíve been playing along at home, you might remember that when I started off, I was unclear on what the ending would be. I had a sense of it, but no particulars.

Whatís strange is I found the answer in the collage I made for the story way back when. Since Iím feeling nostalgic, Iím going to post it again:

I was staring at the answer all along, in a set of dog tags on a headstone. Amazing.

So. What do I do now, other than attend to personal and house hygiene? I have some submissions to send out. I want to do some serious reading. Next weekend, itís High School Musical at long last. After that, Iíll have to see how I feel. But for now, Iím feeling strangely fine.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:03 p.m.