Writing Wrongs

June 05, 2007

So a while back, I entered the winter flash fiction contest at Women on Writing (AKA WOW!) with a little something I called TP-ing Casa de Clooney. It made the ďlongĒ list of honorable mentions, which was nice. Itís currently under consideration at a flash fiction magazine (made the first cut and Iím waiting to hear if it makes the final one).

Anyway, with that honorable mention, they promised to send a goody bag. Uh, bag being one of those relative terms.

I came home last night to find a big (!) box from the nice women at WOW!:

Now thatís some serious swag.

They promised; and boy, did they deliver. This is one of the nicest prizes Iíve ever received in writing contest. I mean, for a long list honorable mention, Iíd be pleased if they spelled my name right on the certificate.

Inside the box, I found, in no particular order:

Uh Ö like Ö wow.

Sorry. Couldnít resist.

Not bad for a 500-word story I wrote one morning. I probably shouldnít admit that. But this was a ďgiftĒ story. It wrote itself in my head and I simply typed it out. It usually doesnít work that way. I think I changed one sentence and one word. I let it sit, thinking, no, that canít be it.

It was. I sent it in, and a few months later, I get a gift box.

See? You work at this writing thing long enough, people will start sending you things in the mail. Sometimes you donít want these things.

And sometimes, you do.


Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:58 a.m.