Writing Wrongs

July 06, 2007

That mid-week holiday has really left us all a little snoozy and cranky. Andrew accused Kyra of being the diva of the house. She accused him of being a stinky boy.

Maybe itís the weather.

Although yesterday, Andrew brought back a present from the fieldtrip he went on, a present for Kyra. Iím thinking he didnít stink so much after that.

And Iím thinking Iíll take them to Ratatouille this weekend. The reviews are good and I hear the short movie beforehand is hysterical. Hey, any kidsí movie that doesnít make my eyes bleed is good enough for me. Some popcorn, an Icee, and three seats in our favorite row. Life will be good.

Iíve been working on rewriting MacKenna (aka The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath) in first person. I shouldnít admit that this is actually a lot of fun. Youíre not supposed to mention stuff like that. Writing is hard. It can never be fun. If youíre having a good time, youíre doing something wrong.

So. There you have it. Iím having a lousy time. Actually, itís sucking all my brainpower. I spend all my time accessing my inner seventeen year old, I have nothing left for blogging. However I did manage to write a review for Marianneís new review site. You can read it here.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:45 a.m.